Welcome to the website of the Non Commissioned Officers Army Academy.We consider all alumni as an integral part of the Academy that is why communication with you is particularly important.This website aims to provide information about training and activities of the Academy and also maintain contact with International Graduates.

The academy was established on 9 April 1884 in Corfu. During its operation it moved in various parts of Greece, such as Parta, Syros and Samos. In 1975 deployed in Trikala where is operates until today. Over the last hundred years academy has produced outstanding graduates who took part in all wars that Greece participated in.

In case you haven't received your registration number that has been sent to you during your studies, please contact at this telephone number: (+30) 2431023950-1. In case you have been already accessed alumni and you've lost your password, click on the "request new password" at login page.


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